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5, 5, 5, 5


if anyone from chs can lend me a clarinet on tuesday after school that’d be SWELL (the day)

  • happy birth eli
  • i didn’t do the english homework i finished my math and physics though
  • suzuki piano book parties are always super nice
  • i was sick all of last night and all of today ebcause of that fukcing milk
  • please remember my pronouns thank you
  • my face is super sore maybe i have the plague
  • i want to know for certain who that anon was instead of just assuming like who the fukc would get into a long term relationship with me
  • i love the marching band minecraft server
  • um what else
  • i had a dream last night where first i fell through space for like a while and then there was a dystopian super market where you had $5 a week and rice was either 15 or 50 cents depending on how much you wanted but then you needed? a $2 prescription to buy it so all we ended up with was the 50 cent rice and three red bell peppers except one of them was green also there was no spinach and i was really disappointed
  • then i woke up and my dad decided to take us to the diner as a treat because my mom was in philly and i ate some spinach
  • fulfilling dreams 2k14
  • and my mom came back and she met my second cousins twice removed one is my age and like a cello prodigy her dad is a world-class violist and really pretty 
  • and apparently my mom told them that mcghee and i aren’t athletic and we mostly just read and practice music and they got like a lot less tense
  • she also really likes philly and says she wants to move us there that had better be a joke though
  • i miss camp



I’m just baffled that there are people out there who hate asexuals.
They are literally doing nothing.
They are literally doing no one.

"What you’re not doing is an abomination"

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1. I want a baby from you. you have 9 months. go.

it’s not going to take me NINE WHOLE MONTHS to find a baby who do you think i am

2, 5, 6, 7, 8

who is this



i love how vague this is because it implies that what the pigeons do is too scary to write down

"we cannot bear to tell you what horrors the pigeons have wrought"

"And now the weather."

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i was listening to pictures at an exhibition and i had this moment of wow wouldn’t this be great if it was transcribed for orchestra? and then i realized

i am pianist trash


amazingoswald this has been in my drafts since like mid-february-ish